Friday, December 9, 2011

Testin' this puppy out.

I've managed to get a couple shots done in my spare time with this new McDonough puppet. Here's a test scene I just finished...

I'm a lot happier with how he's moving now. It took some getting used to, working with the silicone over top of it, but i think I've got 2's down. The main issues I ran into were twisting up his joints unknowingly and keeping his mutton chops stuck in his mouth sockets. I'll be fixing him up with a coat of silicone to go behind the mouth and connect the mutton chops together so they'll wrap fit like a sock.

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Justin Weg said...

Very cool Kyle. I'm starting to get into stop mo. How do you mean that the joints start twisting up? Shouldnt the joints be oriented in such a way to avoid those kind of problems? Could you explain please? Thanks!