Friday, March 1, 2013

Music Stuff!!

So it's been a minute, and I have more to show you all very soon, once I get all the build pictures together (BUILD PICTURES, WHAAAA?) but I wanted to throw my latest promotional work for Thorne Lounge up here. It's a real fun place to play and have a few drinks at, and all my music friends have benefited from playing there, so I like to throw my skills their way when I can. Here's what we've had going on lately.

This is the show I host every Monday that you should be ashamed of yourself for not attending...

Here's the promo for my show next Saturday with The Big Bad Wolf

And here's the post card/business card I made up for them with Big Bad Wolf's Zoe Clemmons. Photo credit goes to her.

Check out their website for more events and shows this month and stop in some time! Maybe like, March 9th from 8-11pm. Just an idea.

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