Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Class 6 Progress Report

Technically I already posted today but it was a little after midnight and I have more stuff ready anyway.

My Final Film character, Angus Glass, is just about finished. Just have to throw on some colors for the action poses, do a few more head positions and it's ready to go. The idea behind this guy throughout the mini-series is that he's the brute character forced into the smart guy's role. His physique is not one of an acrobat, yet his situation calls for him to keep running. I've been trying for a style like Samurai Jack mixed with Adam Phillips, with no outlines and only solid colors and values.


Megan E. Sanders said...

Considering I've known this thing from its conception, I think it's solid. I kind of have a biased opinion, though, since I know what's going on (at least at this point). It's ambitious, which isn't a bad thing by any means. I wish I still had the ambition I once did without the fear of failing so miserably... =_=; I really like your character designs, as well. (I'm at a loss for much else right now... Sleep is kind of predominant at this point...)

Leo's space said...

I like you design it with no outline... good job.