Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Film Script, "Lofax"

This is only a section of the seven-part piece, but I wanted to see how the art style would hold up in flash by doing a small, coherent section of the film.

The camera pans across as the giant gap between corridors as another title screen appears, reading...

"Angus Glass awakens from a comatose state to find himself on an alien vessel. With very little memory of his past, he manages to escape the hold of his captors. His only companion on this ship has just died, and he, too, loses hope of finding any answers."

GLASS approaches the edge of the walkway and looks down. Cut
from his drop, to his face.
Cut back to GLASS’s feet as he tempts falling over the edge.
He bends down on one knee and looks over the edge again.
Pounding his fist in agony, he is on the verge of tears. He
looks to the other side. The walkway seems completely
unreachable from this distance. Glass takes a deep breath
and stands up. Without taking his sight off the other side,
he retreats back to the door. Immediately he cuts back and
sprints towards the edge. He jumps with all his strength to
the other side.
LS from below of GLASS jumping across gap.
ECU GLASS’s feet as they hit the edge of the walkway on the
other side.
GLASS rolls and slides across the floor on the other side.
He’s taken aback that he made the jump. Music builds as
GLASS slowly gets back onto his feet, takes a long, teary look at the gap from which he crossed, and continues into the next door.
The CREATURE stands behind the door as GLASS opens it.
The creature flings GLASS against the wall.

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José G. Landrón said...

Sounds good, Kyle. I think it is viable, being 35-40 seconds long. It's a good idea to aid yourself with 3-D to punch perspective right in Flash. Make sure you got that introductory text in there, just so people can catch up quickly to the action... although give it some though to now having it. Will it still make sense? Having your audience lost just like your main character could also be interesting, but will the action have the same dramatic effect?

When are you having the storyboard up? Do you have the music already?