Monday, September 22, 2008

My Flash Film Premise

This film will very closely follow the story of one man who has been abducted onto an alien ship and, after failing the physically strenuous probes, has been left for dead. He awakens with no real memory, only that the environment he is in is not his own. He must journey through the depths of the ship to discover the truth about how he survived, and what these new found creatures are looking for.

While many films have covered the premise of space travel, and, more specifically, the space opera, there seems to be little questioning of the extravagance of these worlds. The audience is left to either pay attention to the dialog or be distracted by the often vast and alien world. This film seeks to compromise that in two ways. First, the main character will act as the audience's guide in the story, knowing no more about the alien craft he has been transported to than we do. The world will be vast and unexplained, with no consoles on any doors, no identification anywhere. Everything seems to work without any actual interface. Secondly, the film will follow the traditions of the old silent film. Our hero will only be able to express himself through his face and body. This piece intends to mix the dark, mysterious world of the space opera with the subtle pathos of the silent film, as our hero, Angus Glass, journeys through the depths of the large alien craft in order to find answers to why he's there.

This film will be producing only a portion of the script, so we pick up in the 5th episode of the film, entitled "LOFAX". Our hero has just lost his only companion on the ship, and now begins to lose hope...

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